PRESCRIBD is a Natural 4 Step facial system that brightens, tightens, and detoxifies your skin.

The brand originated from a conversation between Social Media Sensation, LaLa (@lalasizahands89), and serial entrepreneur, Kaeya Majmundar, about how all they wanted was skin like Beyoncé without having to spend like Beyoncé.

“We were tired of spending thousands on products with chemical ingredients we couldn't even pronounce. I started looking up, tinkering with and trying out natural remedies” says Kaeya.

“Kaeya sent me a recipe and ingredients she put together and I couldn't believe how much it shrunk my pores, blemishes, and even brightened my skin” says LaLa. “I felt an immediate difference in my skin while letting the mask dry. It was kind of weird but it felt good at the same time. We both agreed that we had found something special that needed to be shared with the world.”

PRESCRIBD is a twice weekly 4 Step System:

1. CLEANSR: Clears away excess oil and dirt, and exfoliates skin.

2. TONR: Fights wrinkles and minimizes the appearance of fine lines. Stir equal parts Crackd Mask powder and Tonr (1 scoop each) into a bowl.

3. CRACKD MASK: Tightens and absorbs toxins from skin. Apply mask generously and allow to sit on face for 20 minutes. Once Mask is completely cracked and dry, wash off with warm water.

4. MOISTR: Soothes skin, brightens tone and visibly reduces post-acne marks without clogging pores

PRESCRIBD is available exclusively on our website as a kit with all four ingredients that can be purchased one time or as a monthly subscription.

We are finally proud to say we are comfortable in our own skin and, in putting out this product, we are dedicated not only to sharing our recipe with the world, but more importantly, to helping you all feel comfortable in yours too!


Lala & Kaeya

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