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My name is Kaeya and I am the co-founder and She-E-O of Prescribd, a natural 4 step skincare system. Why She.E.O and not CEO? Because I lead like a girl. 

I believe women in leadership positions do things a little differently, and that it's first and foremost our female instincts that makes us succeed.

When Lala & I set out to build this skincare system,  we had 1 goal in mind: CONFIDENCE.

We wanted to help women feel more confident, not just on the outside with our System, but on the inside, too, with motivational messages and one on one support.

Here are 3 Tips on how you can #leadlikeagirl! Men, take note too :)

1) Be yourself. 

When I started my first company three years ago, I thought that I had to act like a guy. I wore pants everyday and distanced myself from my friends & family, thinking that if I had less emotional baggage, I'd be more successful. But one day, I decided to stop pretending. I started talking about my family with customers & employees, and to my surprise, people began relating to me, our relationships grew stronger, and the company culture became unbelievably transparent.

2) Trust Your Instincts. 

Women are wired with great intuition. It was a big risk for me to deviate from my parents desired path for me to become a doctor and instead start my own business. But, I trusted my ability to succeed in a new environment, and I haven't looked back.

3) Embrace Mistakes. 

In my company’s early years, I was afraid to talk about my mistakes. I thought my team would think I was weak — but I was wrong. This view led to a lack of transparency, trust, and decreased sales. I realized that mistakes are an opportunity to learn and improve.

Stay confident, make sure you check out our Skincare System here, and feel free to e-mail me directly with any questions or concerns at kaeya@prescribd.com.



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