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7 Things You Need to Stop Doing in Your Skincare Routine

We all want to have flawless skin. However, a lot of us are totally unaware that we are actually doing things that are harming, not helping our skin.  Yikes!  We want to help you avoid some of these skincare hazards.

Here the 7 things you need to stop doing in your skincare routine:

1. Overdoing is not Helping, Chill Out!

Finding the right skincare regimen is not as hard or complicated as people thought it to be. The key is to keep it really simple. Washing your face regularly with a gentle exfoliating soap like Prescribd's Oatmeal & Honey soap bar really helps. Remember, your face is made of skin, not of steel, do not scrub it aggressively. Use a detoxifying clay mask no more than 3x/week for best results.

2. Chemicals are a NO NO.

When you pay a lot for cosmetics, you are paying for a lot of dangerous chemicals that have been linked with cancer, asthma, allergies, and fertility issues. The average American woman uses 12 beauty products every day, exposing herself to about 160 different chemicals. These chemicals have never been assessed for safety. That's why it so important to look for natural skincare products - your health is important!

3. Very Hot Water is drying out your skin!

For those who are actually doing this, you need to STOP RIGHT NOW! While hot water sterilizes a lot of stuff, it irritates skin and makes it dry. You do not have use hot water to draw the impurities. An all natural clay mask can help you with that. Also, face masks won't burn your skin so it's obviously is a wiser choice.

4. Popping those Zits!

Ok I get it - it feels so good in the moment to pop that zit and get rid of it. But you know what happens?  You get all these scars on your face that's like so hard to get rid of it. So just use good toner like apple based ones to dry out your zits and your zits will disappear without a trace.


5. Using Multiple Products at Once

It so pays to find one all natural proven skincare system and stick with it. The ingredients from the cleansers, toners, masks, and moisturizers all work together in getting healthy skin. If you use a cleanser from 1 brand, and a moisturizer from another brand, you are missing out from the benefits from the skincare system as whole. Sticking with one system of products will help you achieve healthy skin so much faster.

6. Eating Unhealthy Diet

Sigh. So hard to give up chocolate OR potato chips OR that glass of wine. Try to limit eating unhealthy food to 1x/a week. Unhealthy foods are a huge cause of breakouts. It will be a struggle but it will help your products work must better and faster if you are also eating healthy foods. 

7. Expensive Products are not worth it

Just because your favorite celebrity endorsed a certain product does not mean they are any better than the affordable ones. Do your research and find products that actually have people saying it worked. Expensive products could leave you thousands of dollars poorer and with worse skin than you started.

Hopefully, this detailed guide has been helpful. We care about your skin and want to you enjoy the best skin quality possible, day in and day out.

Make sure you check out Prescribd, our affordable 4 Step Skincare System harnessing nature's ingredients. Here's to a new year - may 2017 be the year of your best skin!


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