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Black Bold & Beautiful

on Apr 06, 17

Is Using a Face Pillow the Key to a Flawless Face?

A new breakthrough in achieving a flawless skin is by the use of face pillow. It is considered the most...

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on Mar 24, 17

Leading Black Dermatologist Explains how to Protect your Beautiful Skin & Melanin

Embracing our melanin is a movement. But just because “black doesn’t crack” doesn’t mean our skin doesn’t need dedicated care and attention....

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on Mar 22, 17

9 Effective and Cheap At Home Beauty Tips

Spending too much money and effort to stay beautiful is really frustrating. What if you don’t have extra money and...

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on Mar 20, 17

The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get

Hi all! For today's #mondaymotivation e-mail, I wanted to talk about luck in light of Saint Patty's day. In a...

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on Mar 16, 17

The Truth behind Adult Acne and How to Deal

Truth is, acne doesn't end with the teenage years. Anyone can get acne although it is more prevalent in teenagers;...

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on Mar 14, 17

Drink Your Skincare

In achieving a radiant skin, what you put in doesn’t matter but what you eat does. More often than not,...

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