on Dec 13, 16

Heck Yes! Nesha J.

Who better to inspire us here at Prescribd other than our own amazing subscribers? Each month, we're turning the spotlight on our community to hear about what motivates them, clap for their strength & celebrate their "heck yes!" moments! Submit your story to be featured here

Describe your "Heck Yes" Moment, a time where you tackled a challenge and won baby: My favorite heck yes moment is my testimony, being a convicted felon and coming out from that experience and finishing my degree at The Florida State University (GO NOLES), overcoming a horrible marriage (happily divorced) and being offered the position I currently hold with no experience and rocking the heck out it. BGM (Black Girl Magic, sorry not sorry!)

Meet the Subscriber: Nesha J.

Location: Tallahassee, FL

Subscriber Since: November 2016

Tell our readers a little about yourself: I am a fun-loving, hard-working, single mother who loves natural beauty and am thankful for a product like Prescribd which showcases my natural beauty and correcting my flaws (dark spots).

What's your favorite thing about Prescribd? I love that it is an all-natural due to the sensitivity of my skin

What made you want to try Prescribd? Lala lol...I saw the pictures of Lala (@lalasizahands89) before she started her skin treatments and I remembered when i used to be so insecure of my skin due to dark marks from picking and I used to always wear makeup. So of course being a follower of Lala and watching her live Wednesday shows and listening to her educate the masses about the product it intrigued me to try it.

What has your Prescribd experience been like thus far? My skin is clearing up from the dark spots which usually take us women of color a longer time to fade due to our pigmentation. I love using the mask especially when it begins to tighten on the skin and you can feel the tingling sensation of the product actually working.

Who Inspires You? Strong, independent women with a great sense of humor like myself and you gals.


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